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Year 2 Explores Plant Life and Fairy Tales at Painshill Park

Posted: 23rd January 2024

Year 2 at Surbiton High Girls’ Prep School kicked off the new year with a fantastic visit to Painshill Park. On arrival, the girls were greeted by our friendly expert, Adam, and there was an immediate buzz of excitement as the girls were led on a plant and tree walk where they learned more about healthy plant growth. There were smiles all around as the girls learned about the different parts of a plant and the life cycle of plants and trees. The girls were engaged in their learning and enjoyed exploring the open spaces and naming some trees. They also discovered some amazing facts – did you know that the oldest tree at Painshill Park is the cedar tree? The girls showed great curiosity and enthusiasm during the walk and asked lots of interesting questions. 

Later in the afternoon, we had a fantastic time immersing ourselves in the world of fairy tales. With the help of a storyteller, we were able to use our imaginations, drama, actions, and props to help us reenact well-known traditional tales. The girls were really pleased to see many of their fairy tale characters coming alive and were able to spot some famous settings such as the Three Bears’ House in the woods and Sleeping Beauty’s Gothic Temple. The day was filled with wonder as the girls delighted in a range of exciting, hands-on experiences and enjoyed the outdoor adventure. We would like to thank Painshill Park for providing this wonderful learning experience. 

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