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‘Dunk The Teacher’ Raises £1,500 for Charity!

Posted: 27th June 2023

Two teachers wearing shower caps in padding pool while pupils tip milk over them

The whole of Surbiton High Girls’ Prep School got together to witness the eleven teachers taking the plunge, literally. The Charity Committee knew they had to go big this year and create a concoction disgusting enough to raise as much money as we could. The first course was a shower of milk, followed by a cascade of beans and to finish it off, a gush of porridge oats! Mr Williams started the dunking off, getting a shock by the cool temperature of the milk. Ms Pottay went for a swim in the bean filled paddling pool and we ended the event with Mrs McCabe-Arnold getting a double the dunking of beans! The atmosphere and the cheering from the crowds made it a fantastic success, and we raised nearly £1,500! 

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