Senior School Application Process

We are delighted that you are considering applying for a place for your daughter at Surbiton High School.

To begin the application process, please complete our online Application Form by 1 November the year before entry. There is a non-returnable application fee of £100 (£150 if the entrance examination will be taken overseas).

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Your daughter will then be invited to sit the entrance examination which takes place in early January of the year of entry. As part of the admissions process we will contact your daughter’s current school to request a confidential report on her academic and other achievements and her potential.

Frequently asked questions

When is the entrance examination?

The entrance examination is held each year in early January. To find out when the date of the next examination exam, please take a look at our calendar.

Where is the Entrance Examination Held?

The examination is held at Surbiton High School, in our Senior School classrooms. The girls are tested in class sized groups and for those who have visited the school, the environment will not be completely unfamiliar.

Pupils will be met and looked after by our staff and sixth form students on arrival.

What does the entrance examination involve?

There are two papers, English and Mathematics, plus a Personal Statement. We offer the girls a break after the English examination and refreshments are provided.

  • English: The examination is 1 hour 15 minutes long. We expect girls to be thoughtful readers and fluent, confident writers. The paper tests candidates' ability to understand and respond to the content and language of unseen text and demonstrate effective written communication by producing a piece of creative writing.
  • Maths: The examination is 1 hour long. We assume the girls have covered Number, Shape and Space, Measurement and Data Handling and expect them to be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, simple fractions and decimals. We are looking for girls with the ability to reason and apply these basic skills in solving problems including the use of charts, diagrams and tables. Fluency and accuracy and knowledge of multiplication tables are very important and girls will need to be proficient in all of these skills in order to work quickly and accurately without a calculator.
  • Personal Statement: Girls are given 20 minutes to write a short personal statement highlighting their successes, co-curricular activities, contributions they make to their school and community and their plans for the future.

Is there an interview?

We do not interview candidates but use your daughter’s school report and Personal Statement along with her English and Maths results from the entrance examination when making our decisions and we take into account all of the information available.

What happens if my daughter falls ill on the day of the entrance exam?

If your daughter is ill on the day of the examination, we may be able to arrange an alternative date for her to sit the examination.

Please contact for further information.

What if my daughter is overseas during the examination?

We may be able to make special arrangements for your daughter to sit the entrance examination at her current school, or at the British Council in your country of residence.

There is an application fee of £150 for overseas candidates and additional costs may be payable direct to the British Council.

Please contact for further information.

Do you operate a waiting list?

Once we have made our offers, a small number of waiting list places may be available to girls who have reached an appropriate standard in the entrance examinations. In the event that we still have places available after the acceptance deadline has passed, we will contact pupils who have been notified that they are on our waiting list.

Which schools do your pupils come from?

Each year, our Year 7 cohort come from a wide range of schools. Of those that join from schools other than Surbiton High Girls' Preparatory School, around half come from local Primary schools and the other half from Independent Preparatory Schools.

Are past papers available?

We do not make past papers or sample papers available to individuals or schools.

Will my daughter get extra time in the examination if she is dyslexic?

If your daughter has been assessed by an Educational or Occupational Psychologist and may need special arrangements such as extra time, a laptop, a scribe or reader in order for her to sit the entrance examination, please let us know when you apply and provide copies of any assessment or report that is available. Our Head of Learning Enrichment will then assess her requirements and confirm the support available.

Do you offer scholarships or bursaries?

At entry into Year 7, the School offers Academic, Art, Drama/Performing Arts, Music and Sports (Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Skiing) Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded irrespective of family income. The Principal’s Award is allocated at the discretion of the Principal. Further information can be found on the Year 7 Scholarships and Bursaries page.

We offer a limited number of means-tested Church Schools Foundation Bursaries at entry to Year 7. These are awarded from Year 7 to Year 11 and are reviewed annually. Please note that Bursary applications for combined incomes over £70,000 may not be considered.

There is also a percentage reduction in the fees for daughters of full time members of the Clergy.

Fees are discounted by 5% for the second sibling and 10% for the third and any subsequent siblings who attend any of the three Surbiton High Schools at the same time.

For more information please visit our scholarships and bursaries page.