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Surbiton High School is extremely proud to be able to say that it is one of the best schools for gymnastics in the country. The gymnastics provision on offer here ranges from complete beginners, through to Novice, Advanced, Borough and Regional performers, leading right through to those competing Nationally and Internationally.

All ages and abilities are catered for, with gymnasts having the opportunity to participate solely for fun and fitness, or to be competitive at the appropriate level.

For high-level performers, we offer Sports Scholarships, which are available on application.


Along with timetabled lessons on the PE curriculum, the following co-curricular gymnastics groups are also available:

  • Boys’ Prep Advanced
  • U11 Boys Squad
  • Girls’ Prep (Years 1-6)
  • Girls’ Prep Advanced
  • U11 Girls Squad
  • Beginner/Intermediate Girls (Years 7-11)
  • Advanced Girls (Years 7 & 8)
  • Advanced Girls (Year 9/10/11)
  • U14 Squad
  • U19 Squad

Please note, there is scope for gymnasts to move classes throughout the year, to track their development and progress.


The competitions we take part in annually include:

  • U9, U11 & U13 Novice Competition
  • Borough Competition
  • Milano Team
  • Regional Floor & Vault Finals
  • Regional Acrobatics Finals
  • National Finals

We also perform at displays, including Charity House events and School Fairs.


  • Head of Gymnastics & Squads: Nicola Osborn (Level 5 High Performance Coach)
  • Senior School: Natalie Crosland (Level 5 High Performance Coach)
  • Boys Prep: Adam Buckingham (Acrobatics World Champion)
  • Squad Coaching: Tabbie Dawson (Acrobatics World Champion)


Former Pupil to Row at Olympics 2024



Lola Anderson