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Houses and Charity

The House system is an integral part of the vibrant community spirit and eptiomises much of what we encourage and aspire to do as a School.

Our House system forms the backbone of numerous charity and social enterprise events that allow our pupils to flourish in a range of leadership and management endeavours.


In the Senior School, each House has been named after a female pioneer who, by their actions, has changed the lives of others and made a difference to the world; Austen, Curie, Fonteyn, Nightingale, Pankhurst and Teresa. A small group of Year 12 students, known as the ‘House Leaders’ coordinate, collaborate, organise and spearhead their respective House and all its pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 for each event throughout the year. Pupils are supported by a Head of House staff member.

Each House supports a local charity that is chosen through a series of annual hustings and votes by the whole House. The charity gives a clear and dedicated focus for the House activities and fundraising events.


There are a wide range of House activities that take place across the academic year:

  • House Choral
  • Annual ‘Bikeathon’
  • Fashion Show
  • House Public Speaking Competition
  • House Science
  • House Geography Quizzes
  • House Algebra competitions
  • Raise and Give (RAG) week
  • Sports Day


The Fashion Show in March is the annual House highlight and sees more than 800 pupils involved. The show has a different theme each year and each House is given carte blanche to design clothes from recycled materials, create audio-visual pieces as well as choreograph dance routines. Previous themes have been ‘Surbiton Goes to the Oscars’, ‘Surbiton does STEM’, ‘Love Fashion’, ‘The Olympics’, ‘Recycling the Decades’, ‘Surbiton Goes Global’, ‘Classics on the Catwalk’, ‘Surbiton Goes Symphonic’ and, most recently, ‘Climate Change’.

The Fashion Show provides an opportunity for all girls to contribute towards a House piece and brings together so many of the positive learning habits that we pride ourselves on at Surbiton High School. There are creative outlets in dress design, backstage organisation, make-up and accessory development, modelling, choreography, IT skills in video and music editing. The Fashion Show supports key charities each year and annually raises over £10,000.

“The House system provides a framework within which all pupils can develop and strive to have a positive impact in the community, for a cause, for their peers, alongside personal growth and development. This can be through taking part in the numerous House events, going the extra mile in your academic studies or Co-curricular activities. The endeavour and legacy that many generations of House and Charity leaders have left behind them continues to grow every year. The sky is the limit and all we ask is that pupils aim high and get involved with all the inspiring activities and events!

Mr Ben Newton, Director of Houses, Charity and Social Enterprise
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