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Memorial Mosaic

Earlier this year, we had some discussions with friends of Charlotte Stagg within her year group about ways in which the School could remember her at Surbiton. One of the suggestions was a mosaic, laid into the grounds at our main site, of Charlotte’s favourite colours and with movement and expression to reflect her wonderful character.

Over the summer, a mosaic designer worked hard to bring this to life for us and we were so pleased to be able to lay the mosaic in our grounds on Tuesday 10 October.  Students and staff have been able to visit the memorial and spend time in this quiet, reflective area of the grounds (known as Beaumont Gardens, adjacent to The Quad).  Beaumont Gardens was created some time ago in memory of two very long serving members of staff and so this particular area already has a special place within the School’s history.

Charlotte’s mosaic is a wonderful piece of artwork, which catches and refracts the light beautifully and reflects the colours of the sky, and has been crafted with intricate pieces of blue, purple and shimmering glitter.  I have no doubt it will continue to bring joy to all of us and serve as a reminder of the wonderful person Charlotte was.