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Pre-Year 7 Catch Up Work

We are conscious that the past year has seen a disparity in the breadth of teaching both in school and remotely for many pupils. It has also been an extremely disruptive and unsettling time for them in terms of their well-being and as well as their education.

At Surbiton High School we remain committed to ensuring the very best start for all pupils and aim to ease the transition process to senior school as much as we can.


With regards to Maths and English, we recognise parental concerns over ensuring that all our incoming Year 7 pupils are fully prepared to start in September. To this end, our Head of English, Emma Leigh, and Head of Maths, Bethany Hart, have compiled some guidance for pupils and parents where school closure has provided a significant impact on learning. There is no expectation that this work is completed, but it is purely there to help.

Pre-Year 7 English Catch Up Work

Pre-Year 7 Maths Catch Up Work

If you are interested in further resources for your daughter, we would recommend the BBC Bitesize website which has a wealth of age appropriate activities.


One of our Prep School Deputy Heads of Pastoral, Sally Johnston, has created a series of engaging well-being activity sheets for our current Key Stage Two pupils. Each sheet focuses on different aspects of well-being, such as positivity, empathy, reflection and relationships:


Resilience and Perseverance

Responsibility and Independence

Empathy and Compassion

Reflection and Goal Setting

Positive Relationships