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Entrance Examination Guidance

At Surbiton High School we place great emphasis on ensuring that the entrance examination process is as stress-free as possible for both pupils and parents. To this end, pupils sit the exams in classrooms to provide a more familiar and less daunting environment, and we stagger the start times to ensure they are not overwhelmed by large numbers of pupils arriving at the same time.

Further to this, we are mindful that many pupils have experienced a challenging time over the course of the past two academic years and as well as being an unsettling time for children, it has also impacted on the well-being and education of many. Our Senior School Head of English, Emma Leigh, and Head of Maths, Bethany Hart, have created overviews of our Entrance Examination papers to help alleviate concerns and also guide your daughter as to what to expect in the exams. There is no expectation that any work is completed, it is purely there to help.

You will find both documents below:

English Entrance Examination Guidance

Maths Entrance Examination Guidance


Pupil well-being is at the heart of a Surbiton High School education. Through careful guidance and nourishment, our pupils are able to discover their strengths, celebrate their successes, build life-long relationships and flourish. As part of our remote support to our current pupils, one of our Prep School Deputy Heads of Pastoral, Sally Johnston, created a series of engaging, well-being activity sheets. Each sheet focuses on different aspects of well-being, such as positivity, empathy, reflection and relationships. Should they be of interest, please see below:

Resilience and Perseverance
Responsibility and Independence
Empathy and Compassion
Reflection and Goal Setting
Positive Relationships

Our 2023 ISI report is available now, click here to read the full report