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Performing Arts

Performing Arts Scholarships are awarded to talented performers who are willing to take full advantage of all opportunities to participate in the performing arts at School.

In order to apply, please submit the following to the Director of Dance, Drama and Performing Arts:

  • A report or reference from a Drama, Dance or English teacher, including any relevant performance, experience and/or successes.
  • Approximately two minutes (maximum) of a filmed performance.
  • A current photo of your daughter.

All videos, photos and documents should be uploaded to the Secure Transfer File, provided by the Admissions team, with the file name as your daughter’s full name and a short descriptive title (e.g. JANE SMITH, Performance).

Shortlisting of Candidates

The Director of Dance, Drama and Performing Arts will review each application and performance footage will be studied in order to shortlist candidates. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an audition.

Audition for Shortlisted Candidates

There are two parts to the Performing Arts Scholarship audition: a group workshop and a solo performance. The workshop involves a range of practical activities and does not require any preparation. The solo must be a musical theatre performance, prepared in advance, and should last up to two minutes in length. Please note that performances exceeding this time limit will be stopped to ensure all candidates have a comparable audition length.

Scholarships are offered based on performance during the assessment. The performing arts require focus, discipline, creativity and passion, not just talent. Therefore, we look at how candidates create, perform and respond in the audition, as well as their attitude and approach. There are no requirements in terms of musical theatre grades to be able to apply.

Date of Audition for Year 7 2024 entry

January 2024