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In order to apply for a Gymnastics Scholarship, candidates must be currently training in a competitive squad at an external gymnastics club for a minimum of one year and competing to Regional level as a minimum requirement.

If you feel that your daughter meets these criteria, the next stage is to complete an application and submit references and/or a portfolio, including an up-to-date photo and as much information as possible. This must include information such as:

  • Video footage of your daughter training or competing.
  • Two gymnastic-related references, one of which must be from your daughter’s current gymnastics club.
  • Referee name, role, club, email address and contact phone number for reference request, if shortlisted.
  • Amount of training, ranking or awards gained.
  • School level representation, competitions competed, and place achieved at Club level or representative level.
  • Name of club your daughter represents and contact details for her coach.
  • Sporting achievements relevant to your daughter’s sport application.
  • Further information on any extra-curricular competitive sports that your daughter participates in.

All videos, photos and documents should be uploaded to the Secure Transfer File, provided by the Admissions team, with the file name as your daughter’s full name and a short descriptive title (e.g. JANE SMITH, Competition Performance).

Shortlisting of Candidates

The Head of Gymnastics will review each portfolio and, if required, will visit during school or Club level training sessions/competitions to see your daughter in action. All coaches/PE teachers of shortlisted candidates will be sent a reference request link to complete – please ensure you provide accurate contact details and a valid email address of the referees in your application.

Assessment for Shortlisted Candidates

Shortlisted candidates will need to plan/prepare a short individual gym routine (approximately 60 seconds) to a piece of music of their choice. Within this, we would like to see the candidates perform their best skills/agilities which will obviously vary depending on the type of gymnastics that they do, as well as their current ability/level. If they are acrobatic ‘top’, they may wish to incorporate a set of blocks into their sequence. If they are a rhythmic gymnast, they may wish to use hand-held apparatus. Please be advised that this will be performed on school gym mats, not a full sprung floor area.

Date of Assessment for Year 7 2024 entry

Monday 4 December 2023