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Art Scholarships are awarded to those artists demonstrating a high level of talent in art and design, well above the normal level of ability for their age. We expect candidates to be able to talk enthusiastically about their work and show ability and skill in more than one area. When awarded for Year 7 entry, it is expected that candidates will study Art at GCSE.

Candidates must genuinely enjoy spending time making art and should be able to talk freely about art and artists, citing examples, and giving insightful answers to questions without having been rehearsed.

In order to apply, please submit the following to the Director of Art:

  • A portfolio of work, produced at home or school during the last year, clearly labelled on the outside with the candidate’s name
  • A report from her Art teacher.

The portfolio should be between 10 and 20 sheets, no bigger than A1 size. We also request to see one or more sketchbook(s). The work should be clearly presented and not contain any 3D pieces. If any pieces are larger than the required size or are 3D, they should be photographed. Please note that we would not recommend Manga-style or cartoon character drawings in a portfolio.

Art Portfolio Guidance

Shortlisting of Candidates

The Director of Art will review each application, and portfolios and sketchbooks will be studied in order to shortlist candidates. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an assessment.

Assessment for Shortlisted Candidates

The assessment consists of a creative task and an observational drawing task. There will also be an informal chat with the Director and Assistant Director of Art about the work in the candidate’s portfolio and their interests in art.  All equipment required is provided on the day.

Our Art Scholarship Programme is challenging and inspiring. We aim to extend artistic skills and promote the love of learning through creative investigations and opportunities for candidates. When awarded for Year 7 entry, it is expected that candidates will study Art at GCSE.

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