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All candidates who sit the Year 7 Entrance Examination on the published examination date will be considered for an Academic Scholarship. Academic Scholarships are awarded solely on performance in both of the Entrance Examination papers and cannot be applied for in advance.

Surbiton High School’s Academic Scholars’ Programme will help young people to discover and liberate the very best of themselves by extending their potential in an intellectually rigorous and challenging academic environment. We believe that in order for our Academic Scholars to extend beyond their innate potential, they deserve additional support and mentoring which is delivered through the Academic Scholars’ Programme.

The programme’s desired outcomes for our Scholars are:

  • Ambitious and determined in attitude
  • Curious about subjects (both in School and beyond)
  • Critical thinker
  • Confident risk taker
  • Focused and self-motivated
  • Eloquent on paper and verbally

All Academic Scholars are assigned a Scholar Mentor, overseen by the Assistant Principal of Learning and Teaching. The Mentor will meet and work with the Scholar to identify opportunities to excel, both in School and externally, and support them to achieve their goals. This bespoke programme will differ from Scholar to Scholar, depending on their interests, strengths and needs. They will meet with their Scholar Mentor in small groups. This allows for a highly personalised bespoke experience for every pupil.

As part of the programme, Academic Scholars are invited to regular Scholars’ Seminars. This is an opportunity for them to engage in interesting discussions on topics that they would not normally encounter in their lessons. A member of staff, with an expertise in the subject, will be there to initiate the discussion.  The Scholars’ Programme is also designed to supplement the wide range of academic co-curricular options available to all pupils. A full list of stretch and challenge opportunities is published in the Co-curricular Booklet each year.