Surbiton Pop! Talks

As part of the School’s growing community outreach programme we are delighted to launch Surbiton POP! Talks – an exciting series of thought-provoking, fun and engaging, educational talks.

A dynamic evening of four specialist speakers curated around one central theme, followed by a live Q&A where you can put your thoughts and questions to the panel for some lively discussion.

Surbiton POP! Talks: Tick Tock TechTalk
Tuesday 28 September, 7.00 – 8.45pm

Hosted live on Microsoft Teams with Stuart Bird

Another hour passes, no doubt another technological advancement. We all know by now that tech is no longer its own thing, tech is everywhere: Sports tech, Med tech, Ed tech, Music tech, High tech.

Tech is not a thing; it’s everything. When even old school artists like David Hockney are painting on iPads surely the end of paper is in sight. When NFTs are replacing real physical objects of Art is it curtains for canvas? When high-tech molecular gastronomy features on Masterchef and every BBQ or brunch menu we know tech is part of everything we do.

It’s out appointments, our social connections, our games, our shopping, our coffee subscriptions, and our inspiration. It’s impossible to keep up with everything, isn’t it? But do we need to? What will stay? What will define the lifestyle and learning of tomorrow? How should young people prepare for jobs that do not even exist yet?

Time’s clock keeps ticking. Tick tock. Here today, gone tomorrow. And like an expanding, creative, inventive river tech keeps rushing forward to anticipate and solve tomorrow’s issues today.

Join us as we discuss the ever-present ideas of Technology and what we can expect from tomorrow’s world.



Announced Speakers...

Avye Couloute

Avye Couloute Maker, Coder, Workshop Leader, Social Entrepreneur & Tech Advocate Avye, now in Year 9, started coding and attending physical computing workshops at 7 years old. She is very active in the tech and maker community, and leads regular...

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