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Finalists In Muddy Stilettos ‘Senior Experiential Learning Award’

Posted: 21st June 2024

Muddy Stilettos - Finalist Senior Experiential Learning Award 2024

We are delighted that Surbiton High School is a finalist in the Muddy Stilettos ‘Experiential Learning’ award category.The submission was based on the Senior School’s ‘Empire Day Project’. The brainchild of our Director of Drama and Dance, Chris Griffin, it far more than just one day. It was the culmination of an innovative and immersive educational endeavour that spanned an academic year, a year group and many different areas of the curriculum, as part of the PSHE ‘My Place in the World: Past, Present and Future’.

Throughout the year, Year 8 pupils delved into this topic in PSHE lessons and SCOPE Days (Surbiton Cope days – off curriculum afternoons). The Empire Day Project focused on this topic, as well as providing an exercise in rigorous academic exploration that was pupil-led, all whilst learning about the British Empire’s impact through an interactive, multidimensional experience.

The inspiration for The Empire Day Project stemmed from a desire to embrace diversity and inclusion within our curriculum. Inspired by a visit from David Olusoga, a BBC Historian, renowned for his expertise in Black History, the project delved into the nuanced legacy of the British Empire aiming to empower pupils to forge a future informed by the lessons of the past.

Chris Griffin, Director of Drama, who initiated and progressed the year-long project expressed,

“There were two key aims in creating this project. Firstly, to provide pupils with a mature understanding of the past, its triumphs, and its tragedies, in a safe and guilt-free environment. Secondly, to break down the perceived barriers between subjects, emphasising that true-life learning transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.

It is fantastic that this project has been recognised in the Muddy Stiletto awards, and is especially poignant as we are about to embark on the culmination of the project for the second time this year.”

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