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Muddy Stilettos Passionate About Sport Award Finalist
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Finalists In Muddy Stilettos ‘Passionate About Sport’

Posted: 21st June 2024

We are delighted that Surbiton High Boys’ Prep School is a finalist in the Muddy Stilettos ‘Passionate About Sport’ award category.

We are committed to cultivating a deep-rooted love for sports amongst all our pupils. We aim to ignite that passion in every boy, inspire them to persevere when they struggle and challenge them further when they succeed and we strongly feel that lifelong involvement in sport and exercise comes from developing a passion at an early age.

Recognising the importance of physical literacy, we have implemented a ‘Fundamentals Programme’ tailored for each child throughout the School. We aim to ensure every boy is physically literate by the time they leave us in Year 6. We encourage the development of fundamental movement skills and the knowledge and understanding of one’s body and its capabilities. Our pupils engage in activities that hone skills such as running, throwing, and catching. These activities serve as the cornerstone for more advanced sports-specific skills.

Physical literacy is the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable involvement in sports and physical activities. It lays the groundwork for skill acquisition, injury prevention, enhanced performance, and the development of positive physical, cognitive, and social attributes. Encouraging the development of physical literacy in our pupils sets the stage for a lifetime of active and healthy living.

Toby Blood, Head of Sport at the Boys’ Prep stated:

 “I am incredibly proud of the Boys’ Prep PE department for being recognised and becoming a Finalist in the ‘Passionate About Sport in Prep Schools’ award. This achievement is a testament to the hard work of the entire team.”

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