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Rainbow Competition

Posted: 20th May 2024

Rainbow Competition 

30 of our Advanced gymnasts participated in a fun and friendly event at Heathrow G.C, in an Acro Pairs competition. There were 3 different categories, based on increasing levels of difficulty, along with additional special awards: 


1st Ella B & Scarlett E


1st Jessie H & Bea S

2nd Ellie B & Poppy M

3rd Persia M & Isabella W


1st Elle J & Eva R

2nd Mia RB & Mrinaalini M

3rd Mathilda E & Carla W-M / Ciara L & Tiwa O

Highest scoring pair: Elle J & Eva R

Outstanding effort: Ciara L & Sofia L

Creative Choreography: Jessie H & Bea S

Judges’ choice: Mathilda E & Carla W-M/ Ciara L & Tiwa O

A big ‘WELL DONE!’ to all our gymnasts who have competed over the last week.

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