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RAG Week 2024

Posted: 16th May 2024

During Raising Awareness and Giving (RAG) week, the Houses run a series of activities to raise funds and awareness for the seven main House charities.

This week is always hugely popular with the students as it gives them an opportunity to really ‘get their own back’ on willing victims. This year, Dr Calverly, Mr Blake, Mr Gibbons, Mr Sebastian and Mr Cheal volunteered to be drenched by super soakers, a game that Year 9 took great delight in. 

There were also Guess the Number of Sweets, Donuts on a String, Bean Bag Toss, Tin Can Alley and multiple bake sales all in the name of charity, raising a total of £1647.12 across our two RAG weeks this year. 

We were also fortunate enough to be able to welcome representatives from The Childhood Trust, Spear London and Refugee Action Kingston into School to raise awareness and inform the pupils about the impact our donations will have on the lives of others, this caused a merry flow through the library and our huge thanks go out to Mr Humphries for allowing us to host a takeover due to the inclement weather.

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