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Shakespeare Week at Surbiton High Girls’ Prep School

Posted: 15th May 2024

To celebrate Shakespeare Week, Surbiton High Girls’ Preparatory School enjoyed studying ‘The Tempest’, one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

During our English lessons, we discussed the play in detail, understanding the events, thinking about it from different characters’ perspectives and even writing our own monologues.

On Friday 26 April, everyone was dressed in Shakespearean outfits, from Bottom (‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’) to Miranda (‘The Tempest’) to William Shakespeare himself. In the afternoon, we took part in a hilarious and informative workshop based around ‘The Tempest’. After a quick summary of Shakespeare’s plays, some of us volunteered to take part in our own reenactment of ‘The Tempest’ for everyone to watch.

 It was absolutely hilarious and everyone enjoyed it immensely. All the volunteer actors threw themselves into their characters and together made an amazing performance, having everyone in fits of laughter. However, we also learnt a lot about Shakespeare and his plays which helped us in our remaining activities in our English lessons.

The week after, the whole School gathered for our Shakespeare assembly, in which some people from every year group read out what they had been working on throughout the week from Year 1 demonstrating their storm-scapes to some of the Year 6s and I reading out monologues. It was a great end to our fantastic Shakespeare Week.

Corinna – Year 6 Journalist

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