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Young Enterprise at Spitalfields Market

Posted: 1st March 2024

Written by Selena B:

Five students from our Young Enterprise team called VITA (meaning life in Italian) went to Spitalfields Market on Tuesday to sell our product of an educational, engaging children’s activity book to the public.  

We decorated our stall to make it as appealing as possible and then started selling at 10 am. We really enjoyed selling our product and seeing what other teams around us had created.  

As well as selling our product, we all learnt many life skills from this experience including perseverance as even when someone would say they weren’t interested in buying our product, we had to put a smile on our face and carry on selling to the next person which at sometimes was difficult, but it was a really good challenge we all had to overcome.  

We also grew much closer as a team as we were selling our product all together, as well as improving our confidence as it is not an easy thing to approach and speak to the public but after an hour, we all became comfortable and really enjoyed the day. It was such an amazing experience and we sold just over 30 books which we are super proud of. 

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