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Yondr Pouches: Promoting Healthy Mobile Phone Habits

Posted: 22nd February 2024

In line with the recent government announcement regarding mobile phone policy changes in schools, Surbiton High School reaffirms its commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment by implementing innovative measures to support pupil well-being and holistic development.  

In September 2023, the School took proactive steps to build good habits, develop friendships and develop other areas of PERMA. One of these initiatives was the introduction of Yondr pouches. These magnetic pouches securely store pupils’ mobile phones, and remain locked until the end of the school day.  

The decision to adopt Yondr pouches was not driven by concerns over behavioural issues associated with mobile phone usage among pupils. Rather, it reflects the School’s broader mission to help these young minds who struggle against the algorithms of multi-billion-dollar corporations that encourage phone addiction, and to empower young minds in navigating the pervasive influence of technology responsibly.  

By providing a structured approach to managing device usage, we aim to mitigate the adverse effects of excessive screen time and promote a healthier relationship with technology. By embracing innovative solutions like the Yondr pouch and prioritising the holistic development of our pupils, the School continues to uphold its ethos of excellence in education while adapting to the evolving challenges of the digital age. 


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