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Year 3 Boys Explore Buddhism at Buddhapadipa Temple

Posted: 12th February 2024

The Year 3 pupils at Surbiton High Boy’s Prep recently had the pleasure of visiting the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon as part of their study of Buddhism. This visit provided them with a valuable opportunity to deepen their understanding of Buddhist principles and practices. 

During their time at the temple, the boys learned about the life of the Buddha and various Buddhist traditions. A highlight of the trip was a Q&A session with a monk, during which they engaged in thoughtful discussions and gained insights into meditation techniques, including both sitting and walking meditation. 

The experience was enriching for the boys, allowing them to connect with the teachings of Buddhism in a tangible way. By stepping outside the classroom and engaging directly with a place of worship and a practitioner of the faith, they gained a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and spiritual practices. 

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