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Year 9 KYGN PSHE Project Raises Over £10,000, Making a Positive Impact in Tanzania

Posted: 2nd February 2024

Following on from the exceptionally successful Year 9 KYGN PSHE project in the Autumn Term, Mandy Barrie, chair of KYGN UK, passed on this message of thanks to all pupils and their parents, and to share the difference that the money raised from the project will make.  

Annamariah Kanondo, Founder and Director of KYGN, has asked me to write you on behalf of all the children and staff at KYGN in Tanzania, to thank you for your generous fundraising efforts this year.   

The fundraising total from your PSHE project, at more than £10,000, has opened some wonderful opportunities for the KYGN children. As ever, we are delighted to see the creative and innovative approaches SHS students have taken to raise both funds and general awareness of KYGN and the work it does.  

In addition to the funds being used to pay for school equipment and food, school uniform, transport to ensure all children can get to school, and of course for much-needed funds to keep the library Surbiton High School built for KYGN well-resourced, the funds Surbiton High School has raised will be used to support two other projects.  

Firstly, thanks to your incredible efforts, KYGN UK can ensure that six students with specific needs can attend secondary school. These children all started as pupils in KYGN at three or four years old. One child was abandoned by their parents due to disability. Others were left homeless when their mothers remarried, and the new family would not accept step-children. Still others need special support due to HIV. These children have lived at the KYGN Safe House for their entire lives, and at Christmas were often invited to the homes of KYGN teachers as they had no family to go home to.   

They were in a very difficult situation as they had completed their education at KYGN in December. With Surbiton High’s fundraising support, all six children can attend secondary school, starting immediately, and will be funded throughout the entirety of their time in secondary education, largely as a direct result of the money you have raised.    

Secondly, the funds that you have raised will also be put towards building a second safe house. The existing safe house provides a safe and stable home environment for young girls and boys who come from particularly impoverished, unstable and even unsafe family homes. As the number of pupils enrolled in KYGN continues to grow, the second safe house will ensure a safe home environment will continue to be provided to those in need.  

Asante Sana (which means “thank you very much” in Swahili)!  

We would also like to add thanks and congratulations to our pupils for their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the project, and to their parents, for supporting them! 


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