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Surbiton High School Celebrates 11 Oxbridge Offers

Posted: 26th January 2024

We are absolutely delighted to announce the exceptional achievements of our current Year 13 students who have received 11 offers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities 

Our strongly embedded Oxbridge Programme plays a key role in supporting our students’ successful applications. Over 60 Surbiton High School students received Oxbridge offers between 2017 to 2024, with over 95% successfully meeting the conditions of their offer. 

The rigorous academic standards and dedication demonstrated by our students and staff have aided these remarkable accomplishments. Furthermore, it is evident that the breadth of our curriculum allows students to find their niche, which is represented in the range of university courses applied for.  

Rebecca Glover, Principal stated:  

“I am delighted to extend my congratulations to our exceptional students who have secured coveted places at the prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge. This is a superb achievement and a testament to the hard work, dedication, and intellectual curiosity of these 11 outstanding individuals. 

In fields as diverse as theology and architecture, our students have demonstrated not only academic excellence but also a passion for their chosen disciplines. Their success reflects not only on their individual efforts but also on the supportive learning environment fostered by our School community. 

As Principal, I am immensely proud of each student’s accomplishments. This accomplishment is not just a personal triumph but also a celebration of the quality of education and guidance provided by our dedicated teaching staff. It is a testament to the thirst for knowledge that we strive to instil in our students.” 


Terry McDermott, Director of Careers & Guidance & Head of Oxbridge:

The Oxbridge Programme at Surbiton High School is focused on helping students to identify their strengths and hone their niche. This is realised through bespoke activities which help students identify the very best course and institution for them. Our Oxbridge mentors work one-to-one with students to develop key interview skills, such as verbalisation of thought, mental flexibility, and resilience, and excel in other parts of the application, such as the demanding admission tests. 

Every year, the process becomes more competitive, and I am proud of our students for challenging themselves and demanding the best of themselves while staying grounded and rounded. 

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding offers:  

Cambridge University 

  • Allegra B – Medicine  
  • Annie M – French and Russian  
  • Evelyn L – Classics  
  • Farah O – Human Social and Political Science (HSPS)  
  • Floss T – Architecture  
  • Izzy S – Design  
  • Katie A V– Physical Natural Sciences  
  • Niamh D – Psychological and Behavioural Sciences  

Oxford University 

  • Beth H – Theology and Religion  
  • Margot C – Experimental Psychology  
  • Teresa W – Biomedical Science  


Student Quotes

Margot C, Experimental Psychology, Oxford:

“Throughout the Oxbridge application process, I truly understood the phrase “it takes a village”. I worked with the Psychology department to develop my interview skills, the Economics teachers to practice for the entrance exam, and spoke to past pupils about Oxford and what to expect during my application. I genuinely appreciated the effort put in by everyone around me, which allowed me to feel content with my application. I honestly don’t know what more I could ask for, and I would like to extend a special thank you to my team.”

Teresa W, Biomedical Science, Oxford:

“Throughout the Oxbridge application process, I have felt really well supported by the Oxbridge team, my mentor and my subject teachers and they have all encouraged me to follow my passion and aim high. It was great to have the backing and assistance of my teachers when revising for my admissions tests and it was really valuable to get advice from the staff who guided me through the somewhat daunting process with help from alumni and from events that they organised.”

Beth H, Theology and Religion, Oxford:

“From the very beginning of the process, the school were so supportive in our applications. The significant amount of resources and advice we received along the way was invaluable for helping me feel confident with my work. We were given a lot of practice for interviews and guidance around personal statements – the personal mentoring system was particularly beneficial!”

Farah O, Human Social and Political Science, Cambridge:

“Throughout Sixth Form, the Oxbridge programme offered us extensive support. Mentoring throughout the whole application process made me feel well-prepared for my interview. I received regular, subject-specific feedback from my teachers on my personal statement which was valuable and built my confidence in my application.” 

Flossie T, Architecture, Cambridge:

“I’m so delighted to have received an offer after all the hard work put into the process. My mentor and subject teachers were incredibly helpful and generous with their time. I am grateful for all their advice and assistance, especially with the application and mock interviews, during a very stressful period. The school was understanding in helping me manage my time alongside competitive rowing.

Izzy S, Design, Cambridge:

“I applied for Design which is a completely new course starting in 2024. Although this was a challenge for both me and the Oxbridge team, they were constantly supporting me throughout. I also had to submit a lot of work around my application but my teachers always gave their time so I was ready, whether it was preparing a portfolio or practising interview questions. I am also very glad I was encouraged to apply for this course despite it being a bit of a risk. I am so grateful I get to study aspects of engineering alongside architecture.”

Niamh D, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences , Cambridge:

“It’s absolutely not an understatement to say that the support I felt from school and the Oxbridge team throughout the application process was incredible. The sheer amount of advice given, along with interview practice and meetings with my mentors was invaluable to building my confidence and creating a strong application. Personally, I feel I owe a huge amount of gratitude to all of the guidance given and to my mentors for encouraging the passion I have for my subject.”

Annie M, French and Russian , Cambridge:

“I am so fortunate to have received exceptional support from the Languages department in preparing me for both the interview and entrance exam. As a result, I feel I have gained a deeper understanding of the subject as a whole. The one-to-one mentoring provided me with the opportunity to concentrate on specific areas for improvement, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I am eagerly anticipating the pursuit of languages, and the Oxbridge mentoring system has played an invaluable role in my application.”

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