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Girls’ Prep Leadership Team Meeting Update

Posted: 19th January 2024

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At Surbiton High Girls’ Preparatory School, there are lots of opportunities for us, the pupils, to represent the School and have a part in leading it. Each year, two people from each year group are chosen to be part of the Pupil Leadership Team (PLT). In their weekly meetings, the girls, led by Mr Williams, discuss changes and improvements that can be made for the School and feed that back to us to get all of our ideas, so that we are happy with the decisions that are being made.   

Recently, PLT has been discussing Well-being Wednesday which is a chance for us to get to know people in other year groups and in our Houses to build our sense of team spirit they have also been ensuring everyone is aware of Well-being Ambassadors who help out in the playground.   

PLT has also been looking at the Leadership Survey that was sent out to us a few weeks ago. It had mostly positive results with 86% of girls having held a position of responsibility, with 95% of them recognising that their leadership skills have improved as a result. 86% of pupils feel that roles are chosen fairly, but to ensure this, PLT have reviewed the application and voting process so that everyone feels that it is fair.    

PLT has also been discussing the general desire for more visits from Kona in our classrooms as well as opportunities for more events such as Harry Potter’s birthday.   

The journalists were lucky enough to attend a PLT meeting, and it was amazing to see all the amazing ideas the girls have been having and how much their, and our, input is used. 

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