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Year 10 Natural History Museum Biology Trip

Posted: 17th January 2024

As part of their GCSE Biology education for the ‘Evidence for Evolution’ topic, all Year 10 Biologists took part in a trip to the Natural History Museum. Pupils worked brilliantly to explore a wide range of exhibits, gathering information to develop their understanding of evolution. Here are pupil reflections: 

“On the trip, I expanded my knowledge of evolution. I learnt that species as long ago as dinosaurs had adaptations that helped them survive in their environment. I learnt that the triceratops dinosaur had three horns on its skull that helped it defend itself like a rhino does today. I also learnt that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants today while most flowering plants grow from the tip it grows from raised rings and can grow up to 91cm tall.” – Megan

“It was very interesting learning about where our ancestors came from. My favourite part was the human evolution area.” – Julia

“We went to the Natural History Museum and visited lots of exhibitions. For example, we saw some Dodo bird replicas, skeletons of dinosaurs and fossils. Then we also saw lots of jewels in the Cadogen gallery. There were lots of exhibitions about the origins of life on Earth, evolution and natural selection.” – Imogen

Dinosaur skeleton

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