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KS2 Visit To See Peter Pan at Rose Theatre

Posted: 14th December 2023

Our 3 Y6 Journalists, Liya, Corinna and Kimaya have provided a detailed report on ‘ Peter Pan’.  

Peter Pan is a classic fantasy novel written by J. M. Barrie. It narrates the story of a boy who never grows up and wishes to perpetually remain a child. With his faithful fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell, they embark on wondrous adventures in the magical world of Neverland. On one such adventure, Peter Pan meets three siblings: Wendy (the eldest), John (the middle child) and Michael Darling (the youngest) in the city of London. With a generous sprinkle of fairy magic dust, the bunch are transported to Neverland where they encounter mermaids, native Indians, pirates and the infamous Captain Hook.  

The moral of ‘Peter Pan’ revolves around embracing one’s childhood and enjoying it while it lasts. While growing up is inevitable, not losing touch with one’s inner child is vital for a fulfilling life. 

KS2 had an enthralling afternoon out, at the Rose Theatre, where we got transported to the mystical realm of Neverland. Joining Peter Pan and Wendy on their fantastic adventures, we were enthralled by the awesome choreography and acting. ‘The set is incredible!’ said Izzy, 6H and Emma, also 6H, remarks ‘Everyone seems so excited!’  

The crowd of students watching gasped as an epic battle of the evil pirates versus the Lost Boys commenced towards the end of the show. We ‘oohed’ in anticipation as swords clattered onstage and as an ominous crocodile snuck into view. Can the team of parent-less children deafest Captain Jane Hook’s ship and crew? 

Stars dangled from the ceiling, looking dazzling, calm and restful, above all the action taking place on stage. The set at the beginning of the play consisted of some very clever half-boat, half-beds that were used for multiple different scenes as different props; a cosy looking chair relaxing in the corner; and a Christmas tree, which is just the right prop for this festive time of year! 

My personal favourite part of the show was the pirate song, which had a great tempo and a groovy tune! The actors were amazing, and it couldn’t have been better! 

Everyone was captivated all through the first half; Alex described it as “enthralling and fun”. 

“The dancing, acting and singing were outstanding,” said Mia and Alice. 

All of us loved the performance, so thank you to our very kind teachers who decided to take us to this wonder of a play and assured that everyone got to and from school safely. 


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