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Cop28 Event

Posted: 7th December 2023

On Friday 1 December, we visited the British Council in Stratford to partake in a COP28 summit simulation. One of the Surbiton High School groups represented Japan and the other group represented the climate activists.  

In our groups, we had the chance to debate with other impassioned students from schools all around London on how our country or group could contribute to minimising the effects of the climate crisis. One Surbiton High student in the climate activist group made a sobering speech about how drastically and rapidly we need to act on climate change before time runs out. This helped to encourage the representatives of countries to take faster action.  

By the end of the day, we managed to make pledges donating funding, research and aid towards keeping global temperatures below 2 degrees above industrial levels. We think that this experience taught us invaluable skills around debating with those who have vastly different opinions from us. It also demonstrated the difficulties of trying to balance the best interests of a country with the best actions to take to help the environment. Overall, we had a great day; it was hugely inspiring and insightful to work with other likeminded young people on one of the biggest issues of our generation.  

Written by Sophie B

  • Sophie B, Emilie E, Rachel H (Year 13) 
  • Sophie M (Y12) 


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