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Girls’ Prep Artist In Residence Workshop

Posted: 23rd November 2023

Women with two school girls screen printing

Teacher showing 2 school girls how to screen printOn Thursday 2 November, Year 6 attended an Artist in Residence (AiR) Workshop. An AiR is a person who makes their own art in addition to teaching art to students. Our AiR is Lydia Moraitis who works primarily with collages and screen printing. Lydia initially identifies idioms/imagery that interest her from magazines before making a collage of it and finally printing it first on a special paper followed by a normal paper.

In the workshop, we were all initially allocated to groups. Lydia then shared some of the idioms she had shortlisted and each group randomly picked one. My group picked “a penny for your thoughts” which we then created into a collage based on what we thought it meant. We were then called in pairs to do our very own screen printing of the idiom, “It’s raining cats and dogs”!

It was a very enjoyable and informative workshop teaching us a new art technique.

Written by Year 6 Journalist Kimaya, 6S

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