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Boys’ Prep Year Trip To Natural History Museum

Posted: 15th November 2023

On Friday 10 November, Year 1 visited the Natural History Museum to learn more about dinosaurs. During their morning workshop, they learned how palaeontologists excavate and clean fossils and how a dinosaur called Sophie the Stegosaurus was discovered in Wyoming. Sophie is the most complete stegosaurus fossil in the world. Taking on the role of palaeontologists themselves, the boys had a lot of fun constructing their own 3D jigsaw dinosaur and then compared it to real dinosaur fossils.

After lunch, the boys viewed the fossil room and many fossils found by Mary Anning. They then explored the dinosaur room and furthered their knowledge of a variety of dinosaurs and looked at how they became extinct. Finally, the boys saw the mammals and discussed the key features of each animal group.

Year 1 had a lot of fun and absorbed so much knowledge about dinosaurs in one day.

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