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A Week In The Life of Girls’ Prep Year 6 Pupils

Posted: 13th November 2023

Here at Surbiton High Girls’ Preparatory School, there are a range of different subjects, clubs and activities. 

To start every day we have ‘Form time’, in which we complete tasks we have not yet finished and get ready for the school day. Then, on Mondays, the whole school starts the week with Assembly, with Ms McCabe Arnold handing out certificates and awarding pupils (and sometimes teachers) with awards and accolades, getting congratulated for displaying a school value (Courageous, Respectful, Compassion, Inquisitive and Community.) 

In Year 6, and throughout the school, we have a wide range of subjects and activities such as PE, Drama, Art, English, Maths, MFL (Modern Foreign Languages), Humanities and more. We have Maths and English lessons every day. There are challenges that push you to do your best and hardest, as well as detailed explanations from the teachers. 

In English, we are looking at ‘Frankenstein’ (the play script), and previously unpicked some text from ‘Dracula’. This half term, we have been looking at a lot of Gothic writing, and our Remembrance poems. 

In other lessons, like Games, Drama/Dance, Science, Humanities, PRS (Philosophical Religious Studies) and MFL (Modern Foreign Languages), we have been learning a range of new things. Some of the many things we learn are getting better at hockey (now moving into football), learning new terms in other languages and an extremely interesting experiment which involves finding the best conditions to grow mould (it’s perfectly safe though). 

It has been a very busy week and some of the highlights have been learning about the rainforest with explorer Adrian Hall, taking part in the What on Earth Britannica quiz, doing the Primary Maths Challenge, taking part in the weekly debate club debate about whether it is still important to learn a second language and practising our poems for the upcoming Remembrance assembly.  

Finally, there are a huge variety of clubs and workshops; from Skiing to Art and STEM to Cooking. We also have multiple workshops. We recently held a Black History Poem Workshop when we discovered about people who did extremely helpful things to our world. 

That is merely a brief overview of all the fantastic things we do here – and I am certain that there will be much more excitement to come! 

Journalists – Kimaya, Liya and Corinna ( Year 6) 


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