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Boys’ Prep Year 6 Trip to the Houses of Parliament

Posted: 6th November 2023

On Wednesday, 1 November the Year 6 boys ventured into central London to visit the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. They split into groups and toured through the House of Commons (where MPs gather to debate ideas and potential laws). The boys saw where historical events like where Guy Fawkes’ trial was held, the suffragettes debated votes for women, where the king tried to arrest 5 members of parliament and even where Henry VIII might of played tennis in Westminster Hall! 

Sadly, the House of Lords was out of limits due to preparation for the opening of parliament and King Charles’ speech but everything else was open for viewing. 

Meeting Rishi Sunak 

Later, Year 6 visited 10 Downing Street to have a photo on the front door and were surprised to meet Rishi Sunak the current prime minister and the first British Asian leader of the UK. The boys were astonished to see the unexpected arrival of the PM. He proceeded to spend about 15 mins with us where he asked us questions about politics and Faaris, our head boy asked what football team he supported.  Southampton all the way! 

A great day out and an unforgettable experience! 


The Year 6 Journalist Team 

Owen M, William PP, Ali Taha O & Arno N

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