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Year 2 Boy’s Trip to Painshill Poet Tree

Posted: 3rd October 2023

Surbiton High Boy’s Prep Year 2 had an inspiring Poet – Tree session at Painshill Park. The boys created natural resources on sticks from the meadows, forest and vineyard to create ideas for their own autumnal poems.  

The poets also collectively wrote an acrostic poem entitled ‘Painshill’:  

Pinecones scattered, 

Acorns gathered,  

Ivy ever green, 

Nuts awaiting to be seen, 

Sticks collected, 

Holly jagged, 

Insects scuttle, 

Lavender smell,

Leaves crunch.  

In the afternoon, the boys completed a pirate treasure hunt across Painshill, and found the hidden treasure! A glorious autumnal day. 

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