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Organ Donation Week

Posted: 22nd September 2023

This week, the Magnetic Board outside the Senior School library has been dedicated to Organ Donation Week 2023. This annual event raises awareness of the importance of organ donation and encourages people to talk about their decision with family and loved ones. 

Mr Webb, the school’s Data Manager and Composer in Residence is a transplant recipient himself. He said, “I am so pleased that we have been able to dedicate the board to this awareness week. By allowing the pupils to start thinking about the topic now, it may lead to decisions later in life that could save lives. Despite the change of law in 2020 to an opt-out system, families still hold the final decision. That’s why it is so important that these conversations are had and wishes known. 

Mr Webb is pictured with Mrs Riou, Assistant Librarian, who put the thought-provoking display together.

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