Year 5 Dorset Residential | Surbiton High School, Surrey
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Year 5 Dorset Residential

Posted: 6th July 2023

During the month of May, the Year 5 boys embarked on an unforgettable residential trip to Rockley in Wareham, Dorset. Immersed in the beauty of nature, the boys showcased their remarkable adaptability by efficiently settling into their tents and maintaining a tidy and organised living space.  

They engaged in a variety of exhilarating activities: from soaring through the air on zip wires to navigating the waters through kayaking, canoeing, and raft-building, the boys embraced every moment. One of the highlights was the Rockley, Buddens Challenge, where they competed against other schools to rescue a flag from the lake while conquering an obstacle course. They not only enjoyed the delicious meals, but also demonstrated responsibility by washing their own plates and cutlery. 

Overall, the trip provided an unforgettable and memorable experience. It fostered resilience and highlighted the importance of collaborative effort amongst the boys. 

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