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MFL Roundup at the Boys’ Prep

Posted: 6th July 2023

Whole School

  • This term we were super excited to welcome Maika to Surbiton Boys’ Prep. She ran several workshops throughout the day with all the boys. The energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment in the room was contagious, and the boys loved discovering about this amazing dance and the Spanish culture. Through dance, they also learnt some vocabulary: greetings, numbers to 8, and the names of the dance steps in Spanish. It was a wonderful day, and everybody left with big smiles on their faces.
  • All the boys in Key Stage 2 have been thoroughly enjoying learning about the Eurovision Song Contest this term. We listened to a few of the songs, revised some simple opinions and adjectives, and all the boys were able to write some sentences to say which songs they liked and disliked.


  • This term we met all our Petites Bêtes friends with whom we stretched, did breathing exercises, and helped prepare for their race. We were all surprised when Emile l’éscargot won!
  • The boys have enjoyed following some of the adventures of Tchoupi, singing along to the theme tune and spotting vocabulary that they recognise.
  • We have also listened to different songs to do with mini beasts in French.
  • Well done, Ants and Bees, for being so inquisitive and enthusiastic in your learning of the French language and culture.

Year 1  

In the Summer Term, the boys have thoroughly enjoyed the Sous L’Océan topic, where they got to sing along and do the dance moves of the different sea creatures. We have also enjoyed reading and watching La Baleine et L’Escagot story, and revise colours and numbers with La Petite Sirène. Well done, Year 1, for your enthusiasm, curiosity, and resilience in learning French.  

Year 2  

This term in Year 2 we have been learning about family members. We have completed class surveys and written some sentences about the topic in French. The boys have really enjoyed watching a clip about a French family and learning about the family members through games such as Quizlet and Linguascope. Well done, Year 2, for working so well in your studies of the French language.  

Year 3  

Year 3 have started learning about the weather and the points of the compass. We have learnt the vocabulary through actions and repetition, and we have been listening to songs about the weather. We have played a battleships game in French and have consolidated all the vocabulary by way of Quizlet games. Well done, Year 3, for your enthusiasm, hard work, and positivity in all your French lessons.  

Year 4  

This term in French we have been learning about physical descriptions: eye colour, hair colour and length, and build. In Spanish we are continuing with our topic of family, with specific focus on La Familia Madrigal. The boys have enjoyed taking part in Kahoot and Quizlet games, and singing along to Spanish karaoke to the songs from the film Encanto, using their listening skills to figure out the missing vocabulary from the lyrics. Congratulations to Ewan, Yaqoob, Ali Raza and Ben in 4MU, and Matthew, Jojo, Tin Long and Charlie in 4RG for being at the top of the overall class Duolingo leaderboard in French – well done, boys. In the Spanish Duolingo competition, well done to Ewan, Rafi, Noah and Nick in 4MU, and Ved, Oscar Shenton, Llewy, Arthur and Tristan in 4RG. Very well done to you all. Big shout-out to Jojo for using his independent learning and initiative to learn Chinese on Duolingo, which is a commendable achievement.  

Year 5  

This term the boys have been learning how to describe themselves physically in Spanish and use verbs in the second and third person pronouns. They have enjoyed consolidated the vocabulary learnt by way of a card game, Kahoot and Quizlet. In French we have been learning about different music genres and instruments and have completed class surveys and written sentences in French. Special mention and big congratulations to go to Felix Warner for successfully getting through to the final of the Spanish Spelling Bee competition which took place in Cambridge University at the end of June. Well done, Felix. Congratulations to Henry, Theo and Heath for winning the Spanish poster competition, whose work will also be sent for publication at the Write Away Magazine, which celebrates the work of language-learners. The weekly Spanish Duolingo competition is still a success, with Ali Taha, Max and Arno in 5HD, and Felix, Owen, Samson, Sam and Shahmeer at the top of the overall class leaderboard – well done, boys. The French leaderboard is currently being dominated by Hugo with over 14,000 points: an incredible achievement – well done, Hugo.  

Year 6  

We are very proud to have our first ever pupils at the School to have successfully got through to the national final of the Spanish Spelling Bee competition. Congratulations Evan Pearce, Riyaan Gajendran and Jack Norris. The boys competed against other pupils nationally and the competition took place in Cambridge University at the end of June. Well done. The boys are continuing their work on the Francophone world with specific focus on completing a film study. They have completed vocabulary and grammar activities and developed their dictionary skills during their study of the film Kirikou, and they are leading up to creating their own movie trailer in French for the film. In Spanish we have been learning about different music genres and instruments and have completed class surveys and written sentences in Spanish. In the Spanish Duolingo competition, big congratulations to Leo, Arjan, Evan in 6ES for keeping your positions at the top, and the unbeatable Tristan Baldwin for being at the top of the overall class leaderboard – well done, boys. 

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