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Surbiton High Boys’ Prep Celebrates Castles Day with Medieval Skills and Feasts

Posted: 3rd July 2023

Year 2 graced the corridors of Surbiton High Boys’ Prep as noble knights for Castles Day. They had many tests of honour as they jousted, fought with foam swords and perfected their skills with a bow and arrow. 

The boys learned gothic calligraphy, created banquet menus, demonstrated their various skills in archery, jousting, and sword fighting and threw beanbags at some poor suspecting ‘people’ in the stocks. They finished the day by performing a fanfare on their recorders and the ‘dance of the knights’ for Mrs Chong and Mr King, before settling down to a delicious medieval feast including their shield gingerbread biscuits with their unique coats of arms decoration. 

Stay updated on the boys’ final week of term at Surbiton High Boys’ Prep by following them on Instagram.

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