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Boys’ Prep Enjoy Engaging Prime VR Workshops

Posted: 23rd June 2023

This week, Surbiton High Boys’ Prep Key Stage 2 welcomed Jonathan from Prime VR as he delivered workshops using virtual reality headsets – a fantastic and innovative learning experience! The Boys’ Prep got to experience a taster of one of their upcoming topics for next year, such as Space, or The Egyptians. The boys were transported to different places and time periods, providing them with a unique and immersive educational experience. 

Engaging and interactive workshops using VR not only make learning fun but also enhance pupils’ understanding and retention of the subject matter. By providing a multisensory experience, VR can stimulate visual and auditory learning, encourage curiosity, and create a memorable educational experience. These engaging and interactive workshops were the highlight of the week and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning in this new and exciting way. 

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