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Multicultural Day 2023

Posted: 5th May 2023

We were delighted to hold Surbiton High School’s Multi-cultural Day last Friday where we celebrated the diversity of cultures and customs. Pupils and staff from the senior school wore cultural dress that either best represented their culture or one they felt they are affiliated to. 

The fayre of food was well-received with delicious break-time snacks in the tuckshop followed by hearty main meals and tasty salad choices at lunchtime. Later, in the quad, the school got together for a fashion show and some dancing.  

We were all thrilled to watch and listen to Anush Hydros sing a few tracks and his friend Taz Ali accompany him on the guitar. After appearing on ‘Michael McIntyre’s Big Show’ in 2017, the makers of ‘Motown The Musical’ asked him to audition for the West End production – and he got the part of Michael Jackson; we were so pleased that he could come and sing for us to help celebrate our special day! 



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