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Boys’ Prep Year 5 Reed’s School Learning Habits and My Revision Hacks Experience

Posted: 25th April 2023

Twenty boys from Year 5 were invited to Reeds School on Thursday 20th April to attend a fully immersive and interactive workshop on Revision Hacks. 

Reeds have created their own guide of techniques for revision from The Pomodoro Technique to mind palaces and Parkinson’s Law. The morning was packed full of useful research, ideas and practice on how to revise successfully.  

Our three takeaway hacks were: chewing peppermint gum (not at school though) whilst revising, inhaling fresh rosemary (why not keep a sprig in your blazer pocket) and the all-important healthy breakfast (stock up on blueberries, nuts and eggs). 

Surbiton Boys’ Prep had a wonderful morning and were inspired on how to manage their revision for the impending 11+ exams. 

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