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Posted: 24th March 2023

This week was STEAM Week for the Boys’ Prep School.

STEAM stands for:


We linked this special week with British Science Week 2023 and our theme was ‘Connections’. This means that all the activities were created around the theme of connections.

Throughout the week, every boy had the opportunity to experience 10 different STEAM activities.

The activities were:
• Brain and Gut Connection
• Making a Moon Dial
• Maths Art Creation
• Fantastic Fingerprints
• Immunotherapy Darts
• Yeast Growth and Bread Making
• Invent Like a Victorian
• Bridge Blunder
• Make Your Own Pantograph
• Sound Stories

Every day the boys had the chance to collaborate with a variety of pupils from different year groups and were given the chance to take part in so many hands-on and exciting activities. It was wonderful to see the care and support that the older pupils gave to the younger pupils during challenging activities. Additionally, it was amazing to hear the enthusiasm and excitement every morning as the boys made their way to their next science station.

This really was a fun-packed week of engaging, creative and exciting learning experiences. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for all the hard work that they put in to prepare and organise each and every activity. Also, thank you to all the boys throughout the School for embracing every task with positivity and energy, which made the week incredibly special.

Mr Adam Buckingham

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