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Under 11s London Regional Acrobatic Competition Results

Posted: 21st March 2023

On Wednesday 15 March, the under 11 gymnastics squad competed in the London Regional Acrobatic Competition. In the lead up to the competition, the girls and boys had been working very hard, despite many challenges including last-minute team changes. All members of the team came in for additional morning sessions, as well as training afternoons at Xcel Centre and Heathrow Gymnastics Club to perfect their routines ready for the big day. 

 A special mention to Matilda, the youngest member of the team, who came in to perform with no acrobatic experience, and she exceeded all expectations! 

 Unlike previous years, Surbiton High School merged both the Girls’ and Boys’ Prep School squads to create a single under 11 team. The team was made up of four girls and two Year 5 boys.  

After a very long coach journey, through London traffic, the team warmed up, preparing for what they had worked so hard for. Eva and Amber were up first for the pair competition. The girls’ routine included four paired moves, and three individual skills in synchronisation to a two-minute piece of music. Both Eva and Amber performed their routine with lots of personality and performed all their skills as well as they could. 

 The team had to perform a two-minute routine, to music, in complete unison, showing three paired balances, three individual skills and one group counterbalance. Everyone in the team performed in synchronisation and showed off all their hard work. After competing and watching their competitors, the team were ready to find out the results.  

 First, the pair competition – Eva and Amber had won GOLD! This means they have qualified to represent London at the National Finals in May!  

Next, the group competition. This was the routine we had spent the most time working on. The group had won GOLD! The team are now competing in a total of three National Final Competitions in May, due to their previous success in the Floor and Vault Regional Finals back in February.  

 The team have worked so hard to get the results they did, and I am so incredibly proud of every team member on their improvement this gymnastics season. I have been so impressed with the team’s resilience and collaboration in training sessions. Well done to everyone involved! Next stop, National Finals!  


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