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Year 5’s Design & Technology Day

Posted: 17th March 2023

By Charlie and Reeya, Year 5. 

What was the project? 

The project that the Year 5s made was something called a space buggy. A space buggy is a vehicle that drives around on planets or moons! 

What was the most challenging part? 

“Probably the circuit making was the most complicated part.” – Catherine 5F

“The placing of the wheels was the most challenging part.” – Mia 5F

“I also found the placing of the wheels the most challenging part.” – Millie 5P

This concludes that the wheel placement was the most tricky aspect of the project according to the girls. 

What was the most fun part? 

“The sawing was the most fun part.” – Sophia  5F

“The decorating was the most fun part.” – Charlie 5F

“The sawing and the hot glue-gunning was the most fun part.”Reeya 5F

Overall, most of the time spent was fun, sometimes stressful though! 

What were the highlights? 

A highlight of the day was how hard the girls worked; this meant that most of the buggies worked successfully! They all collaborated very well and showed three of the school values: Community, Inquisitiveness and Respect. As well as the girls doing well, the staff encouraged them greatly and also persevered through the day! The teams worked very well. Overall, they should be proud of themselves. 

The Conclusion 

In the end, most of the buggies were working. Some of the motors did not work though. Here are examples of some of the things that might have gone wrong: the motor stopped working when the rubber band touched it, the wheels spun the wrong way or the circuit did not work.  

The good thing was that the girls collaborated well. They solved their problems well. DT Day was a success, and the girls learnt something new. This was a great experience! 


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