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Year 6 Kingston Borough Netball Tournament

Posted: 16th March 2023

6 Girls in Surbiton High Netball Uniform

Our journalist, Isabella, Year 6 reports: 

We have had a terrific term of netball this year …. 

On Saturday 25 February, we were able to watch the Super League netball match; we visited the Copper Box Arena, Olympic Park, London. It was one of the most memorable experiences I have had at Surbiton Prep. We saw London Pulse vs Manchester Thunder. The Arena was packed, and anticipation filled the air, and after an hour of netball playing and on and off scores, Manchester Thunder won. The score was very tight, and even though London Pulse lost, it was still a once experience. We are all very grateful and fortunate to have been able to have an opportunity like this. “ Tense” – Dhiyaani  6H, “ Loud “  Eloise 6H 

On the following Monday, myself, (Isabella 6H); Matilda 5P, Daisy 5P, Eva s 6P, Anais 6P, Lauren 6H, and Lola 6H, took part in the Kingston Borough Netball Tournament. We won all of our matches, until our last match against Holy Cross; unfortunately, we lost due to them scoring in the last second. We all received medals and a certificate for participating in the tournament. Overall, we came second out of fourteen schools, so are immensely proud of the effort and commitment we all put into each and every match. Everybody enjoyed this event and will remember it forever. 


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