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Over £12k raised from Fashion Arts Showcase

Posted: 13th March 2023

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The Fashion and Arts Showcase held on 2 and 3 March was a huge success thanks to the endless hours of time and effort that the students put into the dances, outfits, and performances. This year we saw a radical change to the bill, allowing students to showcase their individual or group talents, as well as their interpretation of the theme through the outfits produced.  

Each year we try to challenge the students to develop their understanding of different aspects of life through the theme, and this year they rose to the challenge with gusto, tackling the tricky concept of diversity with maturity and empathy. This year brought additional challenges to the Sixth form House Leaders, as not only did they have to coordinate the house into mixed-year group fashion groups, but they also had to coordinate auditions for performance pieces, pieces of artwork and written prose and poetry to embrace either their art genre or diversity. They rose to the challenge, thinking critically about important issues, and incorporating multiple forms of artistic expression in the showcase.   

The funds raised will primarily go to our three school charities, YuYo, KYGN and Kujuwa who all do amazing work in Kenya and Tanzania to support girls, women and primary school children with their own personal safety and education. This year we were thrilled to invite a spokesperson from each of these charities to speak with parents and students at the interval and spread awareness of the amazing work they are doing. The Charity 15 team was also doing sterling work in the dining room both before the show and during the interval on both nights, which was fantastic. It is so important to us, as a school, to raise the profile of philanthropic giving among our students, and it is inspiring to see how hard they are prepared to work for their chosen charities.  

As I say every year, we are blown away by the talents of our student body. You are all inspirational. 

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