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Year 7 Energy LIVE! Show

Posted: 27th February 2023

This week, the Royal Institution visited Surbiton High School for their exciting Energy LIVE! show for our Year 7 pupils. The Royal Institution science presenter taught pupils about the different stores of energy through interactive experiments, which allowed them to participate in hands-on activities and learn in a fun way. 

The demonstrations involving smashing eggs, moving tin cans with magnets, and turning balloons into helicopters helped to demonstrate concepts like gravity, magnetic energy, and elastic energy in a fun and accessible way. The use of lively and fire-based demonstrations was an effective way to make the subject of energy less intimidating and more accessible for pupils. Pupils were delighted by the inclusion of a top-secret suitcase containing radioactive material. It was a creative and entertaining way to introduce pupils to the concept of radioactive energy. A year 7 pupil was invited on stage, donning protective gear to open the radioactive suitcase to find… a very radioactive banana! By seeing the concepts of energy in action, pupils were able to better understand the terminology and how it affects their lives. 

Pupils left not only knowing their elastic from gravitational, but also fired up (pun intended) about energy and with a newly enthused approach to science. Not only is it a break from the normal school routine, it’s also a chance for children to enjoy an explosive introduction to the power of science. Providing opportunities like this for students to engage with science in a fun and exciting way can help to spark an interest in the subject and encourage them to pursue it further in the future. 


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