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Year 2 Science Museum Visit

Posted: 10th February 2023

This term in Year 2, the boys have been learning about space travel. We had an amazing day out at the Science Museum which really enriched our learning. We had a fun and interactive workshop all about life on the International Space Station. We strapped ourselves in and zoomed off to experience life in space. We learnt all about gravity or the lack of it in space! Using the anti-gravity machine 5000, we had a game of anti-gravity basketball. We then learnt about how astronauts get clean water. Did you know it would cost a whopping £20,000 to get a bottle of water brought to space? So, instead the astronauts drink water that has been made from their…wee! We were shown a water filter and then the presenter concocted a grimy mixture of water, dirt and wee and demonstrated how the water filter worked. She even drank the filtered water to prove to us it was now drinkable. Other highlights included Mrs Halstead having to work out with weights like an astronaut, learning about the spacesuits astronauts must wear if they leave the ISS, and learning about how toilets work. Finally, we floated back down to Earth just in time to enjoy our lunch. After we had eaten, we headed to the Space Gallery where we found several more interesting facts and interactive displays to enhance our knowledge. What an exciting day!





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