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An Evening with Dracula

Posted: 10th February 2023

On Wednesday evening, the Year 6 boys enjoyed showing off their brilliant work and amazing talents when telling the story of ‘Dracula’. Oscar and Tristan did a brilliant job of directing the boys and telling them where to go. This production was different from others, for it did not have a script which made it even harder to know what to say, but all the boys did so well and improvised very well, especially because we had only had three weeks to practise!

The boys loved showing the parents everything they had been working on in the last term. All of the days that led up to the performance were filled with lots of hard work and preparation with the teachers, i.e Ms Watkins, Mr King, Mrs Johnston, and our Drama teacher, Mr Underwood. The boys displayed their fantastic writing from class, in the show. These included satirical pieces, letters and wonderful descriptions.

William did amazingly well, opening up the performance as Mr Swales, a Whitby old gentleman, and pulled off a very impressive East Yorkshire accent! Then as Dracula, Sandro impressed on stage with another wonderful accent, Romanian this time, and said his monologue very clearly. Then, the panel was introduced….

In this production there was a panel of characters from the book that were questioned. Dracula was played by Riyaan, Mina played by Jack, Jonathan was played by Harry, Atharv played Van Helsing , Ben as Renfield and Seb as the interviewer/host.

Congratulations to all the boys in Year 6 for doing a great job. We hope to see more of these talents later on in the year.

Written by Jack, Archie and Harry

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