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Year 5 Assembly – Polar Week

Posted: 17th January 2023

What was it about?

The Year 5 assembly was all about our polar week and what we have learned. We were all asking questions for our lines. It was all about what food you should bring to the Arctic or the Antarctic, what you might need to wear etc. We added in the School values and were asking questions like, why is being inquisitive important?

What was fun?

It was fun learning about all of this and then being able to share the information that we have gathered to the whole School and most of the Year 5 parents. We have learned so much about the Arctic and Antarctic. It was fun showing what we have found out about the North and South Poles. It was also fun doing Polar Week. The Year 5 assembly was an amazing experience.

What might have been nerve racking?

It might have been nerve racking going out there and speaking in front of assembly. Although it was fun, it was also a little bit scary. The Year 5s might have feared messing up. “I found it nerve racking going out there, but I just had to do my best” says Corinna in 5F.

The end result

I was glad that it went well, and I was very proud of myself

Charlie said from 5F.

The Year 5s were very proud of themselves and it was an incredible assembly. It was an amazing experience.

Year 5

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