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Boys’ Prep School Nativity

Posted: 14th December 2022

On Friday 9 December, boys in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took the stage in the Main Hall for the annual Nativity performance. Year 2 wore costumes to match their character, Year 1 were dressed as stars and Reception were cute little angels. Once they were all in their first positions, music rang through the hall and the students began singing ‘Two Thousand Years Ago’, beginning the story of the birth of baby Jesus. It was a strong and confident start to the Nativity. Year 2 didn’t miss a beat and went right to their next positions. Mary (played by Paxton) and Joseph (played by Lewis) sat centre stage and the Narrators lined on stage right. The boys spoke their lines loudly and clearly. As Mary and Joseph rode their donkey to Bethlehem, all boys sang the song, ‘Little Donkey’, while using sign language to emphasise the lyrics. It was a beautiful performance of this traditional Christmas song.

Once in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph wandered trying to find a place to stay. They finally lucked out when one Innkeeper allowed them to stay in the stable in their garden. It was here that baby Jesus was born. Mary and Joseph sang ‘Away in a Manger’ as a duet. Their sound was glorious and filled the Main Hall. During the second verse, all of Year 2 joined Mary and Joseph signing the lyrics before singing and signing the final verse. The performance was magical.

The three Wise Men and their apprentices took the stage, trying to find their way to the newborn king. Each of these boys embodied their character, reading their lines with confidence and expression. After they decided to follow the star, Year 1 pupils delighted the audience with the song, ‘Follow the Star’. They sang beautifully and moved in time to the music. The shepherds next took the stage and did a fantastic job acting cold around the fire. Angel Gabriel (played by Tibet) told the shepherds that the Son of God was born. The Reception boys took the stage and entertained the audience with the song, ‘There Were Shepherds’. There was not a dry eye in the hall after they finished singing!

The three Wise Men and their apprentices then found King Herod’s palace but soon left as the star continued moving towards Bethlehem. The Wise Men found baby Jesus and presented him with gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myraah. All the boys sang ‘Rejoice With Us’ to finish the Nativity, and they deserved the standing ovation given to them by the audience.

Well done to all the boys on a successful performance!

Boys' Prep Nativity 2022


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