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Year 8 & 9 Production – A Christmas Carol

Posted: 13th December 2022

Pupils in Years 8 and 9 recently brought the classic tale of Scrooge and his miserly ways to life with their imaginative production of the spookily titled ‘A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story,’ written by Mark Gatiss. Transporting the Main Hall of the Surbiton Assembly Rooms to Victorian London, the audience saw Scrooge fight to redeem himself, by finding the joy again in Christmas, after being confronted by the eerie Ghost of Christmas Past, the turbulent Ghost of Christmas Present and the horrifying Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Iris (Year 8) successfully took on the iconic role of Scrooge, whilst other cast members brought to life the many different characters within the world of the play. With live music and an ambitious technical design also added into the mix, this challenging production was realised by our determined cast and backstage crew during its two-night performance run. All the pupils involved should be commended for their hard work and know that, by doing so, they have added a touch of Christmas magic to the start of the festive season! To all involved – a huge well done!

Year 8 & 9 Production A Christmas Carol

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